Foreign nationals* who are studying in Slovenia and have a student status can work via the Student Service Agency or under a student referral* under the same conditions as Slovenian nationals. Work under a student referral is also open to students of foreign universities studying in Slovenia as part of the international exchange programme.

Student work possibilities and conditions are the same for students – nationals of the European Union* countries and students – third-country nationals*. Student work only differs in taxation for nationals of different countries, as it depends on individual international treaties that Slovenia has concluded with individual countries. More in section Payment, p.

!!! Students – nationals of member states of The European Economic Area (EEA)*and students – third-country nationals* must have a registered place of residence to be able to work via the Student Service Agency.

You can find more information on the registration of the place of residence on the website of State portal of the Republic of Slovenia.

In order to work via the Student Service Agency, you must first become a member of one. To become a member, you need the following supporting documentation and documents:

1. PERSONAL IDENTITY DOCUMENT: such as a passport or an ID card.

2. CERTIFICATE OF STUDENT STATUS, which you obtain upon enrolment in the faculty or at the faculty’s student services office. This can be a certificate of enrolment for the current school/academic year, student ID card or student book (index).

3. PERSONAL REGISTRATION NUMBER (EMŠO)* you obtain the Personal registration number certificate at the Department for Foreign Nationals of the administrative unit, where your temporary place of residence is registered.

4. SLOVENIAN TAX ID NUMBER*, which you obtain at the Tax Administration of the Republic of Slovenia (DURS). At every Tax Office, you can submit the completed DR-02 form, which is available at the same office or on the website. You submit the form together with your certificate of enrolment, a copy of the first page of your passport and a copy of your temporary residence certificate.

5. NUMBER OF YOUR SLOVENIAN PERSONAL BANK ACCOUNT, which you have to open at one of the Slovenian banks or branches of foreign banks in Slovenia (NLB, Abanka, Sparkasse etc.).

6. SIGNED STATEMENT OF (NON)RESIDENCE: your status of resident* or non-resident* affects the level of taxation on work via the Student Service Agency. In addition to your (non)resident status, the taxation level on work also depends on whether Slovenia has concluded a Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement* with your country of origin. You can find the list of existing agreements on the website of DURS.

!!! In order to obtain a Tax ID number, you first need a Slovenian Personal registration number.


If Slovenia has concluded a Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement with your country of origin, you must provide your employer with a completed request for exemption of tax, available on the website of DURS before the payment of the student fee is made. If your request is approved by the Tax Administration, your income will not be taxed. Otherwise, you will have to pay tax in the amount of 25% of your fee.

Student RESIDENT from Brazil Student NON-RESIDENT from Brazil Student RESIDENT from Bosnia and Herzegovina Student NON-RESIDENT from Bosnia and Herzegovina Student NON-RESIDENT from Bosnia and Herzegovina
Amount earned via Student Service Agency 350 € 350 € 350 € 350 € 350 €
Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement between country and Republic of Slovenia No No Yes Yes, if request for exemption of tax is approved No, if request for exemption of tax is not approved
25% tax  No Yes No No Yes
Amount received on bank account 350 € 262 € 350 € 350 € 262 €

You can find more information on residency and taxation on work via the Student Service Agency at the relevant tax office where your temporary residence is registered.


In accordance with the legislation, foreigners studying in Slovenia also have health insurance.  If you are a national of one of the member states of the EU, EEA or Switzerland, you have the right to emergency or immediately necessary medical treatment during the time of your temporary residence in Slovenia, for which you need the European Health Insurance Card* or a Provisional Replacement Certificate. The card or certificate is issued by your country of origin.

If you are a national of Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Canada and Quebec or Argentina, you only have the right to emergency medical treatment. Slovenia has concluded bilateral social security agreements with these countries. You can find more about this on the website of the Slovenian Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs.

If your home country has not concluded a bilateral social security agreement with Slovenia, you must obtain commercial compulsory health insurance.

You can find more information on social rights in Slovenia on the website of the European Commission.